Sunday, July 22, 2007

Political Scum

Political Scum. The system of public control, of law making, policing, authorizing, is now becoming enemy number one in the people's eyes. Greed, corruption, and hidden agendas dominate in politics. The media, which the public expects to be informed by, is in on the corruption. Pernicious elements control the debate and steer the country in directions that are antithetical to the public interest.

What I consider to be political scum is basically anyone who makes it to the top. If they make it to the top it means they are compromised in some fashion.

What do I consider to be political scum?

Those politicians who are working for an agenda that is hidden from the public, and that is ultimately bad for the people of Canada and bad for the world. There is a criminal network in Canada at the highest levels. So without further ado, let's look at some of the creatures we have floating on top of the political pond in Canada.

Stephen Harper:

Certainly the most visible political scumbag, the currect Prime Minister actually managed to get elected in Canada, but only after an intense campaign by the controlled media painting the Liberals as corrupt, illegal campaign contributions, and then only getting a minority government, meaning more people voted for other parties than voted Harper.

A neocon scumbag, Harper has been consistently pro-war, pro-Bush and pro-Israel. He even wrote a grovelling apology in an ad he placed in US newspapers apologizing for Canada's staying out of the Iraq war.

Gordon O'Connor:

The minister of defence, O'Connor is another consumate neocon scumbag.who was actually a military lobbyist before getting the job appointed by Harper.

Here's Robert Fisk letting him have it:
Hands up those readers who know that Canada's Defence Minister, Gordon
O'Connor, actually sent a letter to Rumsfeld two days before his
departure in disgrace from the Pentagon, praising this disreputable
man's "leadership". Yes, O'Connor wanted "to take this opportunity to
congratulate you on your many achievements (sic) as Secretary of
Defence, and to recognise the significant contribution you have made
in the fight against terrorism". The world, gushed the ridiculous
O'Connor, had benefited from Rumsfeld's "leadership in addressing the
complex issues in play".

O'Connor tried to shrug off this grovelling note, acquired through the
Canadian Access to Information Act, by claiming he merely wanted to
thank Rumsfeld for the use of US medical facilities in Germany to
ferry wounded Canadian soldiers home from Afghanistan. But he made no
mention of this in his preposterous letter. O'Connor, it seems, is
just another of the world's illusionists who believe they can ignore
the facts - and laud fools - by stating the opposite of the truth.
Bush, of course, is among the worst of these meretricious creatures.
So is the late Tony Blair.

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